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How To Reduce Your Physical Burden And Successfully Downsize Your Life

Dated: 03/30/2018

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There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they realize they are physically burdened in some way. Maybe you look around and suddenly feel the weight of all your stuff. Maybe you look around and realize you are responsible for too much physical space. This epiphany may happen more than once in your life, and it can happen at any age and stage. The solution to this burden is to begin the process of downsizing your life.

Why downsize?

Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home, getting rid of a lot of your belongings, or a combination of the two, the benefits are great. You’ll reduce stress, free up more time and space and unburden yourself financially. Less stuff means less upkeep - both in terms of money and sweat equity.

Start with a basic 10-10-10 downsizing task

It’s hard to know where to start when downsizing your stuff. People can be wishy-washy when it comes to getting rid of long-held possessions. It’s best to start with a definite plan and stick to it. A 10-10-10 plan (or 12-12-12, 15-15-15 - it doesn’t really matter) can help. With this system, for every 10 items you decide to keep, you must throw away another 10 and donate another 10. With this system, you’re getting rid of two-thirds of your belongings, meaning it’s highly effective!

Streamline your life into a smaller residence

If you cut the amount of space you have, you in turn must cut the amount of possessions you take with you. Downsizing to a smaller property has a plethora of benefits - from less time and money on upkeep, to saving on mortgage and repair. Many people also see a mental boost and reduced stress when they unburden themselves from the physical and emotional baggage of having too much stuff and too much home to manage.

As you begin to transfer your life to a smaller space, you must edit yourself and find a purpose for everything you own.

"The biggest issue is people don't edit," an interior designer tells HGTV. "They want to bring too much stuff with them and don't realize every little corner should have a purpose or function.” Use your new floor plan and storage space as a guide. If there is not a specific place for something, don’t take it with you in the move.

Keep thinking about downsizing even after you’re done downsizing

Staying clutter-free once you’ve successfully downsized is vital. The more you think about downsizing as a continual process -- one you must keep up with for the rest of your life --the better off you’ll be. Every unnecessary thing you bring into your home is something that you’ll probably have to get rid of later during a downsizing purge. So be thoughtful about your purchases. Live within your means.

Realize you may be in over your head and get some help

If you are having a hard time staying organized and streamlined, a professional organizer may be able to help. According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to find a home organizer consultant is $390 - $1,025 - a reasonable price to pay if you just can’t seem to get yourself and your belongings under control. As professional organizers will tell you, they’re not just doing a job that lazy people don’t want to do. They are skilled specialists at tackling disorder and putting systems in place that will help you stay organized even when they are gone.

By downsizing, you can give yourself and your family freedom that you never knew existed. There’s no time in life that’s better or worse to begin to downsize - -you’ll know it when you see it. Anyone, at any stage in life, can benefit from reducing their physical burden.

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How To Reduce Your Physical Burden And Successfully Downsize Your Life" width="872"> There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they realize they are physically

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