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Dated: 07/15/2017

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Summer is in full swing which makes a great time for one of our favorite past times here in Central Texas: river floating!  So, grab your tubes and head out to your favorite location! The top three rivers to choose from are the San Marcos river, the Comal River in New Braunfels, and the Guadalupe River.  If you don’t have your own inflatable tubes, there are several places that you can rent them from.

A section of the San Marcos River flows through downtown and families often float that section as it's a short and mild trip and close to restaurants when finished.  Another section takes a few hours to float and is typically used by adults and college kids.  Tubing providers for this river include:

The Comal River makes its way through New Braunfels and is a nice, leisurely float that doesn’t take too long to complete.  There are condos close tot he river (such as the Inverness) that you can rent for the weekend that will provide easy access to the river.  Search VRBO, Airbnb, etc. for availability.  

Although alcohol is allowed on all three rivers, the Guadalupe River is notorious as the “party river”.  The river offers limestone cliffs and great views but there’s also some rapid water areas as well.  Check out the following for more info:


The Frio River is another great option and is surrounding by beautiful areas of limestone bluffs, cypress trees, and boulders but is a bit of a drive compared to the others.

If you decide to float, please be responsible and respectful.  There are state laws on what you can bring with you on the rivers as well as how you can behave.  Please take your trash with you when you leave the river and don't pollute them.  It's extremely easy to tie a nylon bag to your tube and place your trash in it so there's no excuse for littering.  Most of all, have fun!

Wouldn't it be great if you lived here and could enjoy river floating when you liked?  Search our site for you next home or talk to one of our agents today for a property that's right for you!

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