Five Excellent Dog Parks Around Austin

Dated: 11/01/2017

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Austin is among the most dog-friendly cities in the country. It takes the seventh spot on WalletHub's 2017 survey of America's Most Pet-Friendly Cities. It was the first in Texas to pass a local ordinance allowing people to bring their dogs along to patio restaurants. The city is home to a number of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, animal shelters and pet businesses. The temperate weather makes the numerous off-leash parks, hiking trails and wilderness areas around Austin accessible by dog owners and their pets all year around.

Yard Bar

Yard Bar

The Yard Bar on Burnet Road does triple duty as a bar, restaurant and an off-leash dog park. As you dine under shady areas, your pets can prance around, having fun with the park's agility equipment and being cared for by bark rangers. The restaurant's menu includes hush puppies, salads and burgers, to name a few. Yard Bar also has an impressive selection of local craft beers and other spirits. Happy hours and occasional specials are up for grabs; the bar patio screens dog-themed movies on Mondays.

Bull Creek District Park

The popular 48-acre city park is named for the Bull Creek stream cutting across it. There are plenty of swimming holes, including shallow areas for wading. There is also a generous amount of shade to cool off and picnic tables under oak trees. Dogs love the opportunity to swim in the creek and chase one another on the grassy greens. The creek has slippery rocks, so it is best to wear water shoes. There are bags in the parking areas, signalling pet owners to clean up after their pets.

Mueller Lake Park

Mueller Lake Park's biggest draw is its sprawling green spaces with beautiful landscaping that satisfies both dogs and their owners. Walk your dog along the small lake teeming with birds, turtles, fish and squirrels. If you're feeling hungry on your way out, there are several food trucks near the parking area and an Irish pub a stone's throw away.


Red Bud Isle

Operated by the Austin Parks and Recreational Department, RedBud Isle offers your pets more than 17 acres of leash-free enjoyment. Projecting out of Lake Austin, the park offers swimming and aquatic activities for your canine. Red Bud Isle caters exclusively to pets, which means you won't find a kids' playground or bathrooms here. But your kids are sure to have a good time dipping their toes in water and dog-watching.

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Located north of downtown Austin, the 293 acre park has an off-leash dog area, along with hiking trails, a swimming pool, playground and sports facilities. The off-leash section and hiking trails are scenic, with cliffs, trees, water, rocks and stepping stones. The park is a favorite among bikers, so watch out for the occasional zooming bicyclist as you take in the beauty of your surroundings.

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